Precious Plastics Manyatta uses portable and highly energy-efficient machines from Plastic Preneur. The machines can run on a single-phase power supply making them suitable to be replicated in backyard recycling workshops.

Motor Powered Granulator/ Shredding Machine

This machine is at the core of a small recycling workshop. Plastic is reduced to small plastic flakes by the shredding machine. The machine has a capacity for shredding between 25 – 30 kg of plastic per hour.  Shredded plastic is then placed in well-labeled containers, separated by plastic type and color.

Shredder Machine
Photo Credit: Plastic Preneur
Injection Machine
Photo Credit: Plastic Preneur

Injection Machine

Machine for producing small sized products but requiring quite detailed finishes. Plastic granules are injected into machine barrel and heated, the operator then injects the heated plastic into a mold to produce the desired product. The shape of product is determined by the mold, color of the product is determined by the ratio of plastic granules of different colours used. Some products from machines include hanging pegs, desktop flower vases, doorknobs


Machine for producing large-sized products which may not necessarily require finer details. Plastic is fed to the machine barrel, heated at the right temperatures and molten plastic will be released from the nozzle. Some of the products from the extruder are; outdoor flower vases, plastic fencing posts, lampshades, litter bins.

Extruder Machine
Photo Credit: Plastic Preneur


Different moulds for the extruder and injection machines to produce various desired products. If you require a unique product, it all starts with designing and fabricating a  mould.

Desktop Flower Vase Mould
Photo Credit: Plastic Preneur
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