Plastic waste to precious products

We are a team of environmental conservationists. We help planet earth regain its glory through plastic waste recycling, education, and training, awareness, and activism campaigns.


Simple and highly efficient machines. We use highly efficient granulator, extrusion and injection machine from Plastic Preneur. The machines have low power consumption but with high production output capacity. Viable for backyard recycling workshops.

Our Team

Young and ambitious. Precious Plastics Manyatta is a youth led project. The team engages youth from Kondele and Manyatta areas in plastic collection, plastic recycling, sensitization and environmental conservation awareness campaigns.


Precious Products

Quality and highly durable products from our recycling workshop. We employ creativity, research and customer feedback consideration to ensure we deliver high quality products. Some of our products; hanging pegs, desktop flower vase, tiles,faceshields, lampshades

What We Do

Awareness & Sensitization Campaigns

Environment free from plastic waste

Precious Plastic Manyatta is a Team on a mission to ensure everyone gets to refuse, reduce, reuse or recycle plastic waste. The Team holds monthly sensitization and awareness campaigns on plastic waste recycling and environmental conservation within the locality, educational institutions, and with organizations. Also, participating in environmental conservation events organized by other conservationists like Kisumu environmental champions.

Events, Training & Workshops

Learn and Share plastic recycling knowledge

Plastic waste management is a collaborative initiative. The team organizes training and workshops to share knowledge gained in plastic recycling, also collaborates with other environmental conservationists to share the knowledge beyond its area of operation. Some of the events participated; FlipFlopi Naam Lolwe Festival, Save lake Victoria cleanup event.

Plastic Waste Collection & Sorting

Plastic waste collection, sorting and cleaning

Precious Plastic Manyatta collects plastic waste for its recycling workshop directly and, by collaborating with other institutions generating plastic waste. The Team also buys plastic waste from independent collectors who are paid some incentive for their initiative. Plastic is then cleaned and sorted into different plastic categories ready for shredding and production.

Plastic Recycling & Products

Recycle and make precious products

Precious Products from recycled plastic waste. The Team inputs creativity, research and is guided by client data to ensure high quality and product that meets client needs. Buying from Precious Plastic Manyatta means supporting the initiative to reduce plastic waste from the environment.

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